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Governance Risk and Compliance Platform

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Governance Risk Compliance (GRC)

Today, organizations are required to comply with a growing number of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) standards. Failure to do so can result in severe financial penalties, brand damage and even imprisonment, a key reason why this area is increasingly attracting board level attention and support. However, as most solutions are expensive and have long implementation cycles, organizations are invariably making do with spreadsheets to manage GRC related processes.

ONEIT – IT Service Management

TACAS’s GOLDENHORN ITSM Software Suite delivers modern, intelligent and consilient ITSM solutions that are fast, accurate, and cost effective. GOLDENHORN ITSM Suite is the ITSM tool that grows with your […]

Business Process and Dynamic Case Management Platform

GOLDENHORN is a powerful and comprehensive solution for business process and dynamic case management, which helps organizations to make better-informed decisions about business processes and dynamic cases. It spans the […]


TAC A.S. ® provides a range of consultancy services and software solutions in GRC and ITSM areas to its clients globally.

TAC A.S.’s IT Governance and Risk management advisory assists organizations in assessing their IT Maturity and IT risks and developing a practical IT governance framework covering the information life cycle, which includes business alignment, planning, implementation, operations, monitoring, and review. We also assist in the implementation of standards and performing analysis against various governance frameworks by using CONIG® reference framework.

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Platform, process automation no longer needs to be expensive, time consuming or require major business change. All of your organizational process needs can be rapidly implemented using GOLDENHORN‘s process templates, covering many standards and GRC processes, providing the following key benefits:


A clean looking uncomplicated user interface, building on the familiar concept of spreadsheets.

Ease of Adoption

Work with your existing practices with minimal change. Fast Implementation: Jump start your program with out-of-the-box, best practice process templates.


User based pricing, which is conducive to starting small and demonstrating value before wider rollout.

Technology Solutions

See how our solution in GOLDENHORN suites can help your business.