The GOLDENHORN eGRC Internal Audit software is one of the reliable solutions in the GRC market that provides a comprehensive and integrated framework for managing internal audits in a multi-subsidiary environment. The Internal Audit Management enables enterprises to define audit plans, assign audits to designated auditors, schedule audits, collect audit results, document recommendations, manage remediation plans, and present summarizing dashboards of audit outcomes for each subsidiary.

The GOLDENHORN eGRC Internal Audit Management supports all types of audits, including internal audits, operational audits, and IT audits. The GOLDENHORN eGRC IAM is aimed at efficient audit execution and ensures integration of the audit process with the risk and compliance management system. With our MultiTenant technology, multi-subsidiary organizations can now manage their internal audit efforts centrally within an easy and flexible environment.

You can use Internal Audit Management as a standalone GRC solution or integrate it in GOLDENHORN eGRC with existing submodules for e.g. Operational Risk Management, Internal Control Management, Compliance Management etc. Since the methodology is aligned, data from cyclical internal audits and acyclic ones are seamlessly integrated. This generates a greater scope of information and a better foundation for making decisions regarding changes.

Creating custom reports is considerably simplified with GOLDENHORN eGRC.


Support of the complete internal audit management process

Flexible internal audit planning and scheduling

Implement complex approval processes with dynamic cases and workflows

Remind contributors to complete measures

Use vast capabilities to present insights gained through internal audit management

Visualize extracts from current internal audit data graphically at any time

Generate individual reports for different target stakeholders


GOLDENHORN BPM process workflow-driven dashboards with information on current internal audits and tasks

Internal Audit control and test model registers

Internal Audit allocation planning

Flexible authorization system based on roles and groups

Tracking for measures, internal audit findings, reviews and action requests

Collection of various information such as costs, time spent, responsibilities or criticality for individual measures

Flexible reporting


Thanks to the modular configurations of GOLDENHORN eGRC IAM with different submodules and features:

> Internal Audit Knowledge Management System

> Internal Audit Case Management – Engagement Management

> Internal Audit Case Management – Request Fulfilment

> Internal Audit Planning Management

> Internal Audit Scheduling

> Internal Audit – Operational

> Internal Audit – Compliance

> Internal Audit – Financial

> Internal Audit – Follow up

> Internal Audit – Vendors&Suppliers

> Internal Audit – Management (Performance)

> Internal Audit – Investigation

> Internal Audit – External Service Provider

> Internal Audit – Bank Branch Office 

> Internal Audit – IT

> Internal Audit – First Level Assurance (Self Assurance)

> Internal Audit Testing Management

> Internal Audit Finding Management

> Internal Audit Performance Management

> Internal Audit Financial Cost Management

> Internal Audit Integration for Sampling

> Internal Audit Analytics and Reporting