TAC A.S. ® provides a range of consultancy services and software solutions in GRC and ITSM areas to its clients globally.

TAC A.S.’s IT Governance and Risk management advisory assists organizations in assessing their IT Maturity and IT risks and developing a practical IT governance framework covering the information life cycle, which includes business alignment, planning, implementation, operations, monitoring, and review. We also assist in the implementation of standards and performing analysis against various governance frameworks by using CONIG® reference framework.


ConsilienceX is a governance methodology approach based on “Consilience,” which is a concept coined in 1998 by E. O. Wilson. The aim behind ConsilienceX is developed and tested to reconcile the varying definitions, methodologies and purposes of the data collected on governance and management system best practices and standards by convergence and unification of the great realms of practicing, more specifically different cultures and stakeholders, through a web of cause-and-effect explanation.


CONIG (Consilient Information Governance) is a reference governance framework developed by TACAS addressing information and related technologies. CONIG is based on consilient models that are widely used for Information Technologies, Corporate Governance, as well as Business Governance. All of the underlying frameworks and best practices are widely accepted in the industry. While they might bring different perspectives and differ in nuances the common goal of all these frameworks and best practices is the assurance of provisioning of IT services, business services, and other enabler services.


TAC A.S.’s GOLDENHORN Software Suites  is the modern way to build business applications. GOLDENHORN provides tools and technologies that businesses use to build engaging, agile business applications that include the modern capabilities that users demand, including collaboration, process automation, mobility and even cloud enablement. With our technologies, our customers can build and run modern applications that bring together employees, partners and customers on their infrastructure, a private cloud or even the public cloud.


TAC A.S.’s GOLDENHORN BPM Software Suite  is an intuitive BPM solution for professional BPMN process modeling and execution. Whether you want to create current-state documentation or target concepts, GOLDENHORN BPM Software Suite is your best choice for process modeling and workflow execution. By using innovative web technology, you can get started right away and include your colleagues in collaborative design.


Deliver simple and powerful dynamic case driven workflow solutions.

In order to ensure the smoothness of the workflow for the organization, and the desired satisfactory outcome of the client, a dynamic case management solution is needed. GOLDENHORN DCM Software Suite enables organizations looking to improve efficiency and reduce costs associated to these processes, to model, deploy and monitor key business processes in an agile manner, by optimizing both workload distribution and processing time.


TAC A.S.’s GOLDENHORN GRC Software Suite can give the business and organization a better understanding of the issues and the ability to make informed decisions that enable the resiliency to improve sustainability, performance, conformance, and maturity by enabling a consilient internal control system.


TAC A.S.’s GOLDENHORN ITSM Software Suite delivers modern, intelligent and consilient ITSM solutions that are fast, accurate, and cost effective.  The GOLDENHORN ITSM Suite not only caters for customary ITSM processes. It can also be used in other service areas and so throughout the enterprise/organization as a central tool for enterprise service management.


TACADEMI is the leading provider of IT training services and content by partnering ITpreneurs. We offer trainings to the enterprises and additionally a whole new way to run their IT internal educations: high impact, low barrier.